How much does a website or a mobile app cost?

That is a tough question to answer with a single figure. Websites and apps range in usage and functionality and their development costs also cover a wide range.
We charge a setup fee and we also charge a monthly maintenance fee for websites and mobile apps.


Do you have a pricing guideline for setup?

  • Setup fees for simple Grav  websites are usually between $250 and $1500, but can be more depending on functionality.
  • Setup fees for powerful Joomla  websites are usually between $000 and $2,000, but can be more depending on functionality.
  • Setup fees for mobile apps range between $800 and $4,000, also depending on functionality and API requirements.

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What is the Monthly Subscription fee for?

An Access website or app is more like a long term strategy than just a website. Can you imagine Mark Zuccerberg announcing that "finally Facebook is finished..."? Neither can we, because a website is an ever-changing communication platform. The days of static content are long over; and the days of your website getting embarrasingly older and older are also over.

We will be there to keep your site updated, current with content and technology, and safe from malicious attack. We don't launch websites and then leave them to the mercy of the ever changing technology tides. Our goal is not just to give you a website or app, but to unpack an on-line brand strategy that will see you grow your brand into its full potential.

We can also use our monthly subscription as a facility for you to spread out some of your setup fee. This really helps those who don't have a big enough budget to get the ball rolling.