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Your Brand is an intellectual commodity.

Your website is your new receptionist, and your logo is your business face. Before your website has even finished loading your customers already have a full impression of your business. We call the process of managing and developing your brand image: Intellectual Property Development; it works like this:

Brand value resides in a very volatile place: The customer’s brain. It doesn’t matter if that brain is a consumer or a B2B buyer... that’s where the value of the brand lives.


This means that a Brand’s value can change very quickly, it can be ousted by a newer, cheaper or better Brand and it is subject to generational and peer Brand values.

So how does a Brand owner ensure that his Brand value is as best as it can possibly be?
We have a two step process for evaluating a brand position with regard to reinvention or redesign:


1. Determine the potential reach of the Brand - “Objective Session”

This first process calls for pragmatic evaluation. It’s no good being unrealistic.


BrainBigAim too high and you get frustrated.

BrainSmallAim too low and you get less than you should.

Below are questions for step 1. No one knows your market better than you, but it is usually very helpful to dream with someone who has an objective, professional opinion with regard to branding in general, not just your particular brand.
An objective opinion of your brand position and your logo will sometimes offend you, especially if you are tending to be subjective about it. Subjectivity, what we call “preciousness” is a killer for brand owners especially when it comes to logo creation / reinvention. But the object is not to offend but to unearth and communicate the intrinsic value of your brand.

These questions will give the brand owner a great platform for further logo development.
After this process it will be possible to determine the potential reach of the brand.

2. Determine what is needed to reach it - “Dream Session”.

Now that you have done the pragmatic and objective homework it’s time to dream a bit. The sky is the limit, some ideas may be out of the reach of your budget, but mentioning them none-the-less can only enhance the process.

Often an out-of-reach idea sparks off another, better and more affordable idea that would not have been considered.


Always think New Media when determining what is needed to reach IPD goals. Weblinks, Storefronts (ecommerce), Social Media, handheld promotions, etc.
The decade between 2000 and 2010 was the decade of content, “Content is King”, we’d often hear. But no more; we are now in the decade of Application. Key questions for brand names and logo development revolve around creating Web based applications in the form of websites and hand-held apps.
Sometimes, however, a really old idea would do the job best. Business Cards, or a big painting or some signage.

It is always vital to answer a lot of questions, assumptions are your biggest enemy. This is a highly subjective process and you need to communicate very clearly.

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